• Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1950,whcih is a large-scale oil machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacture and installation as one of the major grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in China.Our company headquartered located in Huaxian County .
    Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd is committed to R&D of new efficient oil machines, manufacturing customer oriented oil machines, and leading the development direction of the world’s most advanced grain processing machines and oil processing machines. We are reply on technology and innovation, constantly developing new type oil machines and equipment in order to achieve worlds advanced level.
    Henan Huatai oil processing equipment sold in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and exported to the United States, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Bolivia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Rwanda, Nigeria, more than 130 countries and regions.Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd constants on the goal of Chinese leading food and oil machinery engineer, leading on advancement of oil industry. We are ready to meet all challenge and opportunities with full confidence and energy.Huatai machineryhas developed into a large-scale oil machinery manufacturing base in China.

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development path:
In 1988, the company was established and named Huaxian Grain Machinery Factory.
In 2004, the company changed its name to Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.
In 2016, the company successfully went public and changed its name to Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.
Huatai Culture:
"Leading the grain and oil industry to create excellent quality" ------------- Huatai Goal
"Be the first person and then do things; simply be the person and do things with heart". ----- Huatai
Henan Huatai focuses on pursuing rigorous craftsmanship and promised delivery to customers. We have modern automated production equipment, change installation into assembly, design and install equipment for customers, and provide customers with good after-sales service.
Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. combines industry and trade, and has its own professional R & D team, production team, project installation team, domestic and foreign sales teams and logistics teams. Each team and department cooperates with each other and cooperates with each other to provide customers from design to One-stop service after sales.
2. Strict and serious work attitude
Each set of machinery and equipment produced by Henan Huatai is tailor-made for customers. After our sales staff understands the specific needs of customers, our engineers will follow the customer's needs, the local climate, the customer's economic situation and future development. Design equipment process and factory layout for customers, and solve all worries for customers.
3. Efficient
Messages from customers at home and abroad, Huatai sales staff will reply within 24 hours, and then the engineer will make a solution and quotation for you according to the requirements. We normally deliver within 30-40 days after receiving the deposit, and then our engineer will go to the field Installation training until the equipment is operating well.
Seiko Wins:
Our belief is "Success by Seiko." The total area of ​​Henan Huatai Factory is 100,000m2, of which the workshop manufacturing area exceeds 21,600 square meters. The headquarters is equipped with 8 standard and professional production workshops, 2 machining workshops and 12 engineering installation departments. Huatai Machinery has 120 sets of various production and processing equipment, including more than 80 lathes, planers, milling machines, drilling machines, more than 10 cutting plate forming equipment, 6 welding submerged arc welding machines, DC welding machines, AC welding machines 80 Multiple units are also equipped with various auxiliary equipment and testing equipment. Welcome everyone to visit our factory!