Huatai Machinery: scientific and technological innovation, three scientific research achievements were approved by the national utility model patent

Huatai Machinery: scientific and technological innovation, three scientific research achievements were approved by the national utility model patent
Recently, the three scientific research achievements independently developed by Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd., "high-efficiency and energy-saving sunflower seed high and low temperature pressing equipment", "palm oil production complete equipment", "automatically controlled palm fruit vertical fermenting tank" have been national knowledge The Office of Property Rights granted utility model patents.

The reporter learned that sunflower seeds are one of the five major oil crops in the world. The global annual output of sunflower seeds has reached nearly 50 million tons. The oil content of sunflower seeds is high. The large sunflower seeds are squeezed. The protein of the pressed cake is very low, which is not conducive to later sales. If the shelling is performed, the energy consumption of the traditional domestic large-scale shelling equipment is very high, and there are shortcomings such as poor economic benefits and large wear and tear on the wearing parts of the equipment. Then the price is expensive, and the auxiliary shelling process is complicated. At the same time, the traditional oil pressing process is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing. The cold oil extraction rate is low, but the quality of crude oil and pressed cake is good, and the hot oil extraction rate is high, but the quality of crude oil and pressed cake is average. Can choose one of two, there is a shortcoming of single product, can not flexibly adjust production. Huatai Machinery, as a leading oil and grease engineering brand in the industry, has rich engineering experience in the field of sunflower seed oil production. After years of exploration and practice, the complete set of high-efficiency energy-saving sunflower seed high and low temperature pressing equipment invented by scientific researchers has perfectly solved the above problems. After the sunflower seeds were cleaned, through the upgrading of the original domestic shelling equipment, the shelling process was continuously improved, and the equipment development with low equipment investment, energy saving and environmental protection was completed. Through the upgrading of the original domestic oil press, sunflower Seed kernels can be rolled, steamed, and finally squeezed to extract oil to obtain squeezed crude oil and sunflower seed cake, or they can be directly squeezed into an oil press without steaming to obtain better quality cold-pressed crude oil Sunflower seed cake with lower residual oil. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low operating cost, suitable for high and low temperature pressing, flexible production and good product quality. Solve the processing problems in the field of sunflower seed oil production.
Huaqian machinery technician Yao Qian told reporters that palm is a perennial oil crop that grows in tropical regions and has the advantages of large output and low cost. Palm fruit oil pressing machinery is widely used in the processing of palm fruit edible oil. Palm oil is already one of the world's largest edible oils and is widely used in bulk food processing, edible cooking and biodiesel production. Although there are already many large factories and mature processes in large palm countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, there are still many areas that are in urgent need of such economic projects but do not have the conditions to build large production lines. In view of the current lack of simple small-tonnage processes and equipment in the market, Huatai Machinery has developed a complete set of equipment suitable for small investment construction. The complete equipment provides a portable and simple palm oil production solution to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Needs in industrial production. The utility model has novel and unique structure, convenient transportation, simple installation, low investment cost, small floor space, and significant economic and social benefits. As the main equipment of the palm fruit oil fermentation and fermentation section: the palm fruit vertical brake fermentation tank PLC automatic control system has a high degree of automation, saves labor, saves steam, facilitates operation, reduces operating time, runs more smoothly, and greatly reduces plant operation Cost and other advantages.
Huatai Machinery is located in the industrial agglomeration area of ​​Huaxian County, Henan Province. It covers an area of ​​150 acres with a total investment of 360 million. It has modern standard workshops and advanced processing equipment. It is a large-scale grain and oil machinery intelligent equipment group integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and installation. Listed on the New Third Board, stock code: 837819. Excellent member unit of China National Cereals and Oils Association, provincial contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise, was awarded "Henan Provincial Excellent Private Enterprise", provincial enterprise technology center, and national high-tech enterprise by Henan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. Obtained 7 national invention patents and 34 utility model patents, and obtained the "Pressure Vessel Design License", "Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License", "Pressure Vessel Design License" and "Pressure Vessel Pipeline" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Installation License and Organic Heat Carrier Furnace Manufacturing License. The company has self-support import and export rights, and has passed ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification, ISO14001: 2015 environmental system certification, and OHSAS18001: 2007 occupational health system certification. The registered trademarks "Huatai" and "Hangpeng" won the famous trademark of Henan Province, and were awarded "Provincial Quality Product" by Henan Quality Supervision Bureau.